Being an individual and Google’s avid researcher, you might see Phentermine and Adipex several times. This led you to think about the possible reasons for using these terms in that specific blog. Doesn’t it direct you to think that which one works better or may help you? If you are such a person who is willing to search for the detailed facts and figures then you must ensure the kind of drug which you would like to have. Also, it is now difficult for people to narrow down drugs for patients. As you know that it is quite important to keep an eye on such topics thus one may not neglect such comparisons in any case. Having said that, let’s move to the basic comparison of Phentermine vs Adipex

Overview of Phentermine and Adipex

Treating obesity is one of the major success factors of Phentermine as it has emerged as a priority to such people. Back then in the USA, there were the trends of Phen-Pro and Fen-Phen but the prescriptions of these medications were not allowed because of the increase in cardiovascular diseases. But fortunately, the use of Phentermine helped the people to suppress their diet and manage their body mass index. This proves that this drug facilitates the people for a long time.

On the other hand, Adipex got the momentum after so many years of Phentermine. Some people believe that this happened because the continuous use of Phentermine led the drug to lessen its efficacy. On the other hand, the use of Adipex kept on gaining the momentum. Gate Pharmaceuticals market this product of Adipex while Phentermine is out there under the different pharmaceutical firms along with various names.

Similarities of the Drugs

One must know that these drugs offer the same ingredients which act on the certain neurotransmitters and the hypothalamus glands. Therefore, this may assist a person to control his diet. In such a case, the controlling of food intake is necessary in order to have a higher level of weight loss. In short, both of these medications play their role in achieving their purposes. Most importantly, Phentermine hydrochloride is the active ingredient that is common in both of these drugs.

When such drugs are common, then Phentermine hydrochloride impacts the central nervous system. This results in lesser appetite levels, which helps the person to consume fewer calories per day. Phentermine and Adipex show the slight differences in terms of some factors which you not  ignore. They also exhibit similar side effects if these are used properly. Some of these involve higher blood pressure levels, mouth dryness, insomnia, rapid heart rate, headaches, and others.

Differences between the drugs

Phentermine appears to be the generic drug while these are also used in Adipex pills. Another difference is of the inactive and active ingredients. The active ingredient Phentermine hydrochloride helps to suppress the appetite while the inactive ingredient makes the pill digestible. They also differ with respect to the drug formulation as they have higher strengths ranging from 15mg to 37.5mg. In comparison with the generic Phentermine, branded Adipex has a formulation of 37.5mg.

In addition, other has more choices of the pill strengths because of the fact that they are made at various pharmaceutical firms. It was also found that the different weight loss results are detected from various pills as each of them may be made with a different process. Thus, the efficiency of the Adipex may differ from that of Phentermine in different ways. Also, the prices of Adipex are lesser than that of Phentermine in the market. Moreover, these two drugs also exhibit the difference in shape or appearance as well.


We can conclude that the comparison of Phentermine and Adipex can help a person to identify their major features. They have similar processes but they have some differences in the ingredients as well as the doses of the drugs. However, you should always consult a doctor before taking these medications for the weight loss programs.